If you would like to assist us with any of these needs, or would like more information please feel free to contact us anytime through our Make a Difference page. We will be happy to answer any questions you have, and all donations, big and small, are fully tax deductible.

Fresh Paint's goal is to reach any community with a need, but this can be difficult. Our events have quite a few expenses, from gas, toys, and insurance. Fresh Paint only charges a cost for expenses, and does not profit from these events whatsoever. However, there are still communities that cannot afford a charge, and these are places that still need a message of hope. Our events cost, on average, about $1,800 and $4,500 depending on the size and distance to travel, and any help with this would be greatly appreciated to help reach communities that sometimes need hope the most.

3. The Event Expenses

Our Main Needs

So, what's next?

Fresh Paint Outreach Ministry

There are certain months of the year that are difficult for us. Due to rough, wet weather conditions, many of our event plans are thwarted during the late fall, early winter, and spring. Even hot days can be difficult and pose a health risk to event goers and volunteers. That's why Fresh Paint has a great need for a tent to continue our work year round. Thank you to the Lord and to all who supported us to meet our need! 

Fresh Paint has made it incredibly far thanks to our sponsors and donors. However, we still have needs. With these needs met, we'll be able to drive the ministry forward to places we were previously unable to go, reach many, many more children, and all donations and assistance goes directly into impacting communities.

2. A 26ft Box truck- Need met!

As Fresh Paint grows, we find ourselves in need of a 26ft box truck. This would be used to store and transport gifts and supplies for our needy families. These supplies are currently stored in a storage facility, but are quickly outgrowing our space. Not only would this save us money that could be used on events and families, it would help us continue to be mobile and save time transferring supplies from the space, to the trailer, to the event.

1. The Tent- Need met!