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Christmas extravaganza for winter

Beginning this summer and running through the end of the year, Fresh Paint will be focusing on celebrating our countries' heroes- Disabled veterans, police officers, first responders and their families. Come and honor these heroes with us.
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Coming in 2018, Fresh Paint will also be focusing efforts on helping our countries' heroes and their families. 

Fresh Paint has always reached out to disadvantaged children and youth, but there are a few children that have shaped our mission and changed our hearts. Several years ago, we met a young man that inspired us to do more. "G" was a two day volunteer at one of our midwest events. G was part of a foster child program and had come in with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. His parents were both in prison serving long terms and he had moved from one foster home to another 7 times in 12 years.

At this event, all youth workers were given the opportunity the first day to pick a prize for themselves before the event started. G decided to pick a doll for his sibling who lived in another home, instead of choosing a prize for himself. The next day, when given a choice, he picked a toy for another sibling. We allowed him to take another prize for himself.

At the end of the last day, G was one of our best workers. As he turned to leave he said "Thank you, you made me feel like I'm a somebody".

We won't stand for youth feeling like their lives don't matter. We aim to make a difference in the lives of these youth and introduce them to the love of Jesus, even if we can only be around them for a short time. 

Why we do what we do

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Many new events have been added to our calendar for this year. All events are free and fun for all ages. Everyone walks away a winner! We hope to see you there!

Contact us if you need more information or to schedule an event, and check back often for new dates!

Many children in our communities go to bed hungry and cold every night. Find out how Fresh Paint hopes to combat this, and partner with us today.

Locally and nationally, Fresh Paint Outreach Ministry is an advocate for those in need. We travel to every corner of the nation to help children and families in our own backyard.

We've got exciting new projects coming up this year! Enjoy our Christmas themed events this winter season and get ready for a whole new set of games this spring!

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For 16 years, Fresh Paint Outreach Ministry has devoted its energy to caring for communities across our country and spreading the hope of Christ through action! Find out how you can help or have us come to your community today!




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